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Permanent Records

Sep 28, 2018

“You can’t just be like ‘yeah it’s a massive fucking gamble you big idiot. It’s between you and friendly fires - I wonder which one I’m going to give the big gigs to?’”

We talk to Alexei Berrow from Birmingham band Johnny Foreigner about the band's career following a seemingly reverse trajectory, from immediate international success to DIY band - always headed towards the way of operating which seems to most suit the band - and his newer projects Yr Poetry and itoldyouiwouldeatyou.

Music in this Episode

Salt, Pepper and Spinderella (Waited up ’Til It Was Light)
Champagne Girls I Have Known (Arcs Across The City)
Eyes Wide Terrified (Waited Up ’Til It Was Light)
Choose Yr Side and Shut Up (Grace and the Bigger Picture)
You Vs Everything (Vs. Everything)
Shipping (You Can Do Better)
If You Can’t Be Honest Be Awesome (Mono No Aware)
Sons (Yr Poetry - Lost Boys)
Gold Rush (itoldyouiwouldeatyou)
Riff Glitchard (You Can Do Better)