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Permanent Records

Sep 5, 2018

Hey, I’m John and this is an Introduction to Permanent Records – a podcast that discusses an artists recorded output and the route they’ve taken through those records.

Over the course of the next ten weeks I’ll be bringing you the first series of Permanent Records talking to ten musicians about their discographies, their memories of the context those records were released in and really anything else that comes up during the course of that conversation.

In this first episode, episode zero if you will, I wanted to try and give some context to those conversations. I’ve been a ‘musician’ (for want of a better word) touring and releasing music as part of a band called Maybeshewill for over a decade, and alongside that I’ve been promoting shows and festivals and working as a tour manager with acts across disparate genres and from all over the world.

In this first series most of the conversations are with acts I’ve met through one of those activities. Most I would consider close friends, so sometimes the conversations reflect that. If there’s something I think requires more context I’ll include links or further information on what we’re talking about in these notes.

Music: Fume by Waking Aida.